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Hello and thank you for visiting my special place in the online universe! Here, I will share my passion for writing songs, recording and performing, as well as my thoughts on a wide range of relevant topics including musical influences, stories behind the songs, memorable moments and much more. Meanwhile, please check out my BIO page to learn more about who I am, my MUSIC page, where you can purchase downloads directly, or CONTACT me with any comments and questions you may have. Also, be sure to sign up for the MAILING LIST so that you get the latest news about what's happening with me.

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Brand new single "Another Song" will be released on 9/30/22 and available for download here and streaming on AmazonApple Music, iHeart Radio, Pandora and Spotify! Worldwide radio promotion and press coverage to follow in early October!!!

The Story Behind "Another Song"

"Another Song" is about the process of writing a song and where inspirations can come from anything and at any time! The idea for this song came one night where I was sick in bed with a cold and trying to sleep but I had a melodic idea in my head that kept me awake and I couldn't fall asleep. So, I finally pushed myself to get up out of bed for a bit and grabbed an acoustic guitar and started working out and playing the melody that was in my head and then came up with some lyrics. I ultimately decided that the song would actually reflect my late-night experience/ordeal. As the song came together over the coming days and I started thinking about arrangements and instrumentation, what really excited me was that it had a 60's flavor and very reminiscent of an early/classic Neil Diamond song (and one of my favorites) called "Cherry, Cherry." I wanted the acoustic guitar front and center, along with hand claps, congas, fast drum fills and a few prominent bass piano and organ riffs which really made the song upbeat, bouncy and fun. Add in the backing vocals and harmonies and it truly has that mid-sixties pop sound reminiscent of Neil Diamond, The Monkees and a number of other artists/groups from that period!!! ~AR

Another Song

Adam Randy

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"Another Song" describes Adam's passion for writing songs and pays homage to his love of 60's pop music!

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