The Story Behind "Another Song"

"Another Song" is about the process of writing a song and where inspirations can come from anything and at any time! The idea for this song came one night where I was sick in bed with a cold and trying to sleep but I had a melodic idea in my head that kept me awake and I couldn't fall asleep. So, I finally pushed myself to get up out of bed for a bit and grabbed an acoustic guitar and started working out and playing the melody that was in my head and then came up with some lyrics. I ultimately decided that the song would actually reflect my late-night experience/ordeal. As the song came together over the coming days and I started thinking about arrangements and instrumentation, what really excited me was that it had a 60's flavor and very reminiscent of an early/classic Neil Diamond song (and one of my favorites) called "Cherry, Cherry." I wanted the acoustic guitar front and center, along with hand claps, congas, fast drum fills and a few prominent bass piano and organ riffs which really made the song upbeat, bouncy and fun. Add in the backing vocals and harmonies and it truly has that mid-sixties pop sound reminiscent of Neil Diamond, The Monkees and a number of other artists/groups from that period!!! ~AR

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